Sunday, 5 August 2012

Even More Certificates And No Longer Muzzled

I've been quiet for 6 months due largely to something that's been going on in the background which has kept me muzzled rather than risk something that I've been working on for a VERY long time being delayed yet AGAIN because people disagree with my politics. They would never ADMIT that my writings and politics would be the reason the denial would happen, but that would be the case. It has kept me chewing on my tongue in the background when I really wanted to comment on certain current events, but dared not lest it upset a delicate balance.

I've used this past six months to continue making contacts in the El Paso, Texas region, and to continue various specialized training which will make me a better Mediator and open new opportunities for me with some of my clients. The most important and most useful of these recent trainings is this:

This certificate shows that I've completed the training to perform mediations assigned by the County or privately for couples undergoing divorce and for other family issues. What I plan to use it for is largely in the Child Protective Services cases that are being litigated that the Judge would like parties to agree on the various orders rather than have to hold a hearing for every little agreement (which is both expensive and time consuming).

As for the other thing, that which has kept me quiet for the past 6 months while waiting for final approvals from individuals who spent YEARS yanking me around like a big dog on a short chain, it is finally done, approved and issued. I'm not going to post an image of that LICENSE here, because it's not appropriate to post that way. If you want to see it make an appointment and come by my office. On that note, the occasional reader may soon see a new link here for my next business venture that the License allows me to operate.

For those of you who know what I'm talking about, thank you for all your support, encouragement, letters and character references throughout the years. For those of you who don't have a clue what I'm referencing, it really no longer matters. All that matters is this:

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