Wednesday, 7 November 2012

We're About to Get the Government the People of Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio Deserve

"Every country has the government it deserves (Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite") - Joseph de Maistre

Well, Ohio, you're about to get the government you deserve. Don't come crying to the Federal Government when you're facing 20% unemployment because Obama closed all your coal mines and won't let you exploit your Natural Gas resource that you're sitting on top of. Cuyahoga and Franklin Counties, when the next set of riots comes because your African American population can't find jobs and are starving due to a 30+% unemployment rate (because it IS coming), you're on your own.

Pennsylvania, you're in the same boat. Montgomery, Delaware, Allegheny and Philadelphia counties, you had the opportunity to defeat a president which is costing your state TENS of THOUSANDS of jobs due to the energy resources that you are literally standing upon. President "I'm going to bankrupt coal" has destroyed your economy. When rioting comes to Philadelphia, don't look to us to save you. We're going to let the "City of Brotherly Love" burn to the ground so that you understand exactly the cost of what you voted for. Additionally, the fraud in the Philadelphia area and the uncontested voter suppression by Leftist, Marxist, and Black Power groups such as the Black Panthers show that Philadelphia deserves to become the war zone it will become when the Federal Government can no longer provide the steady drug of "safety net" payments and your people start to starve because they have no skills other than to suckle upon the government teat.

Florida, I honestly thought better of you. You would think that your Jewish population ALONE would have been sufficient to carry the state against someone who is proposing policies to make Israel so indefensible that, if implemented, it would be destroyed by the forces of darkness at its door. Fortunately currently Israel has a government sufficiently strong as to withstand those "suggestions" by the Obama Administration. You people of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, when the next hurricane comes, and there is looting and death and destruction on the streets, do not cry out to the National Guard and Federal Government to save you. Nay, since Obama has spent us into oblivion on foolish adventures in economic tinkering both large and small, we have no funds to help you. You're on your own. Similarly you Social Security retirees, when that day comes when Obama holds out his pockets and says "we have no more money to pay you for living," do not cry out for the people to support you in your infirmity, for we shall say "you had the opportunity to elect someone who would have fixed the problem, you voted against your interest and now you have to suffer the consequences."

Finally, to all you members of the 47% who voted to continue your free ride upon the few individuals of the United States who are doing the hard work to pay for the nation, know that your time is almost up. You can only take and take and take from those who are actually producing wealth for so long before they say "I'm not going to produce any more." Greece is what our future looks like, complete with riots in the streets and promises broken. You had this ONE chance, this ONE opportunity to forestall and divert us from that path. You chose to continue to eat like pigs at the trough of government largess. Those you call "the rich" will not much longer tolerate your free-ridership. They will take their wealth and instead of investing it into the creation of wealth and a better life for themselves and their children, will merely consume it themselves and say "to hell with everything, rather than have my hard work and personal property confiscated, I'm going to enjoy it myself."

So, people of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida (and Virginia too), we as a nation are all about to suffer under the government you deserve. Perhaps the pain of the next four years to come will teach you the object lesson that you so richly deserve.

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