Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A Brief Comment On The Language Of The Illegal Immigration Debate

The language of the debate over Illegal Immigration has been continuously evolving with each side attempting to frame the debate to sway the populace to their point of view.

The pro-open borders side is attempting to frame the debate as one encompassing all immigrants by saying that "the border has always been open" and calling those illegally in the United States simply as "undocumented immigrants." It's dishonest at best, but the pro-open borders supporters are hoping that those who went through legal means won't pay attention or will stay silent to assist their "undocumented" brethren. Further, they are now claiming that open borders immigration is a "natural right" which cannot be infringed by a government. This shows a staggering ignorance of history, as well as a level of hypocrisy that borders upon the obscene when you examine it in context with most of the other positions that individuals with these beliefs usually hold which would qualify as "natural rights."

The legal immigration only side of the debate has correctly attempted to limit the frame of the debate about those who are in the country illegally, and has properly praised those immigrants who followed the rules and immigrated through legal means.

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