Monday, 1 September 2014

Because Democrat Elected Officials Engage In Public Corruption When They Are Supposed To Be Fighting Public Corruption.

Background: The elected District Attorney of Travis County, where Austin, the capital of Texas, is located is the head of the "Public Integrity Unit" of the state. This "Public Integrity Unit" has taken it upon itself to be the policing arm of ALL elected officials in the State of Texas, when Democrat Ronnie Earle was the elected DA in Travis County.

DA Earle promptly started attempting to go after Republicans, wielding the power of his office as a cudgel for political purposes, culminating in the indictment of Rep. Tom Delay, who was charged with something that was not a crime at the time he performed the act.

The current occupant of the office, DA Rosemary Lehmberg continued the partisan actions of attacking Republicans she thought she could get away with. However, she is also a raging drunk. One night, she decided to get into her car after getting to almost 3x the legal alcohol driving limit, and she got caught.

She promptly attempted to get the Sheriff's Department to call "Greg" (Hamilton, the elected Sheriff) of Travis County. When told that she had been arrested for Drunk Driving, she told the Sheriff's department employees "well, that's you're all's problem." The implication is clear: Give me special treatment because I know your boss.

When the head of the Public Integrity Unit refuses to resign after engaging in an attempt to subvert justice because of her position, it's time to disband that office. Governor Rick Perry had every right to use his line item veto to remove funding for the public corruption actions of the office, when the head of that office herself attempted to engage in public corruption to save her own skin.

Monday, 5 May 2014

One of the Most Insightful Comments on Civilization I Have Ever Seen

When you distil it down to it's most basic analysis, the following comment from Tom Swift at Legal Insurrection is one of the most insightful comments on the development of civilization that I have ever seen, because in a mere few lines, it actually explains the economics of civilization in a way that can be understood by those who have not spent extensive time studying economics.

Quote: Tom Swift:

Civilization exists because we need masses of goods. Plan or no plan, the need was always there. Otherwise, we’d still be hunter/gatherers.

First it was just food. If you need a steady supply of food, farming becomes inevitable. Then you need irrigation, which requires organized labor [working as a group]; and walls, so your livestock doesn’t wander off, and that’s the start of architecture. Then you need defense, so that your neighbors, who aren’t so good at organized labor, don’t move in and steal your crops and animals or, worse, appropriate your irrigated farmland and your stockades. Then, because you spend your day farming and are too busy to develop weapons for defense, you trade [with] some of your other neighbors some of your food for some of their weapons, and suddenly, you have a trade economy.

The great triumph of civilization is not religion, or science, or art; it is cheap food, and everything needed to produce, transport, and supply it. It may be hard for European intellectuals or “back to nature” Greenies to admit it, but the acme, the supreme achievement of civilization, the fulfillment of an age-long dream, is … McDonalds.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Iran gets the gold mine, Israel gets the shaft.

Likely the worst possible outcome has been achieved by the supposed Geneva Nuclear Negotiations regarding Iranian enrichment. It does nearly nothing to degrade Iran's current capabilities, has weak enforcement mechanisms, and largely does not put in place any barriers to stop an Iranian sprint toward a nuclear weapon (aka "breakout capability" if such capability has not already been achieved.

Let's look at the big points: It allows Iran to retain HALF of it's working stock of 20% Oxide for fabrication of fuel. Like that's going to be used for "fuel" without being diverted. Right. The next point, that Iran won't enrich uranium over 5% for the duration of the 6 month interim agreement is rendered meaningless by this, because they're already the vast majority of the way to nuclear grade material.

No further advances of activities at Natanz, Fordow or on the Arak (plutonium) reactor? Doesn't matter. They've already got sufficient capability to enrich to 90% in a matter of weeks for at least 6 nuclear devices. That initial nuclear deterrent is all they need to buy them time to avoid a ground assault against their production facilities. The footnotes about enrichment are equally unappealing, as they allow Iran to "replace" centrifuges, and keep the centrifuge cascades already in place without degrading their ability to produce, even if 12 cascades are currently in an non-operative state. That can be changed on a VERY short notice.

Iran gets to CONTINUE R&D practices which are "not designed for accumulation of the enriched uranium." Oh really? There's an awful LOT you can learn about a process by doing things "similar" to that process, and a whole bunch of "dual use" technology to develop out there.

No "new" locations for the enrichment. Are we REALLY sure that we know about all the "current" ones? My guess is no. No reprocessing or construction of a facility capable of reprocessing?

"Unannounced" inspections and daily IAEA inspector access when not present for basically other purposes at Fordow and Natanz. Anybody who's been paying attention knows that these are the Iranian "showroom" floor. The real heavy work is being done at military hardened "black sites." However, there will only be "managed access" to the centrifuge assembly workshops, centrifuge rotor production workshops and storage facilities, and uranium mines and mills." This means that if the Iranians want to hide their true progress, they just need to properly direct the IAEA Inspectors away from the workshops and storage of "sensitive" items, and there will be no easy way to confirm any "off the books" mining and production milling.

So what does Iran get in return?

No new UN or US administration nuclear related sanctions, plus a "financial channel" for oil revenues to facilitate humanitarian trade (food, medicine, medical devices and medical expenses), and payment for UN obligations and Iranian student college tuition for students abroad.

A "pause" of efforts to further reduce Iran's crude oil sales, allowing Iran's "current" customers to purchase their current "average" amounts of crude oil, and enable "repatriation" of an agreed amount of revenue held abroad. What this means is basically Iran gets to bring back a certain amount of money held overseas that has been held up by international sanctions, which Iran can then infuse into its economy. That infusion will go a LONG way toward mollifying the most "radical elements" of the Iranian Republic, aka the young who are openly rebelling against the clerical establishment, and who are the ONLY hope of reforming the Iranian government.

Iran gets its sanctions on Oil exports and associated services and gold & precious metals, as well as associated services lifted. Let's see, exactly how much gold does Iran have in it's national stockpile? Well, at least as of 2011, Iran was holding as much gold as the United Kingdom, and was purchasing more. That amount was estimated at above 300 tons of gold at that time (approximate value in today's US dollars: about $12 BILLION dollars ($11,932,800,000 = $1,243 per oz x 16 oz per pound x 2,000 pounds per ton x 300). Again, that is assuming that we know of ALL the gold that they have purchased and were holding.

Suspension of sanctions on Iran's auto industry and licensing of parts for Iranian civil aviation. Cars are an important piece of life, and planes allow for people to get from place to place easily.

So what does this buy the Iranians?

Time. I've done enough negotiations to be able to recognize when the other party is stalling because they think that their current project or income stream will change the equation of the negotiation, or that the other party's negotiation strength will be diminished, damaged or destroyed by some delay.

The Iranians are really, REALLY close to having a functional nuclear weapon. If they can run out the clock to get hold of one, that will be the end of trying to keep them from joining the "nuclear club." Further, the deal explicitly lays the groundwork for recognizing a future Iranian "mutually defined enrichment programme with mutually agreed parameters consistent with practical-needs, with agreed limits on scope and level of enrichment activities, capacity, where it is carried out, and stocks of enriched uranium for a period to be agreed upon." Notice that last little bit: not permanently, but for an agreed period of time.

The Iranians learned the nuclear lessons of India, Pakistan and North Korea well: delay, obfuscate, make token concessions and then withdraw them at times that it suits you to do so, while continuing to work in the background toward the ultimate goal of a nuclear weapons program sufficient to head off any sort of localized ground invasion, as well as leverage to use against any country as a "massive retaliation" option for interference in domestic affairs. Once you do that, effectively you become untouchable as a nation from any sort of major outside governmental change. If you can then repress your own people sufficiently to prevent revolution, you have ensured your continued power base so long as you can maintain your ideology.

At this point, there is really only one hope to prevent a nuclear weapon possessing Iran: an Israeli strike. If the Israeli's get any indication that Iran has finished a nuclear weapon, expect a short, brutal and very effective attack by Israel upon Iran which will take out a significant swath of the Iran's military assets. Let us hope that Israel has the stomach for such an action. The cowardice of Obama Administration officials, from President Obama and Sec. Kerry on down has show that the current US administration does not.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

What's wrong with these pictures?

Let's play a version of "Where's Waldo." What's wrong with the following two pictures?

Can't figure it out? This was at the protest of the "Right To Work" legislation that was just passed by the Michigan Legislature and is about to be signed by Gov. Snyder. Look at the upper left hand corner. Somebody's holding a sign that reads "I support Planned Parenthood. Keep abortion legal." I think somebody was at the wrong protest. Either that, or the protesters hired some uneducated sap to carry a protest sign and they handed out the wrong one, which has happened before at some of these "Labor" movement protests. These Union Bosses REALLY need to get higher standards for the day laborers who they hire to work these protests.

What's wrong with this picture, you might ask? Look VERY carefully at the top sticker in the center on this guy's helmet. He's protesting IN THE WRONG STATE. He belongs to Iron Workers Local 147 from FORT WAYNE INDIANA. Now it's one thing if the Union Thugs decide to bus in Union Thug members from around Michigan. But it REALLY says something when you're in a state where 17.5% of the population is unionized that you have to swell your ranks by busing in Union Thugs from OTHER states just to make your protest look bigger.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

Here come those layoffs that the Liberals voted for Tuesday night by re-electing Obama.

Don't EVER say that it was unexpected or that you didn't know. We Conservatives have been telling anyone who would listen, and often nearly empty rooms if few people showed up that these employment losses were coming due to Obama Policies. So if you're an employee of one of the companies listed below and you're laid off, thank a Liberal, because they're the ones who cost you your job.

  • UBS Bank announces it will lay off 10,000 employees.

  • Hawker Beechcraft Inc. will close it's private jet plant and lay off 280 employees in Arkansas and close facilities in Mesa, AZ., and San Antonio.

  • Boeing is laying off 30% of its management, closing facilities in California and consolidating other facilities in order to "cut costs."

  • Westinghouse announces massive layoffs.

  • Research In Motion announces US layoffs and moves operations to Canada.

  • US Cellular announces urgent reduction in employee ahead of end of quarter close.

  • Commerzbank lays off employees and closes operations.

  • Iberia Co announces layoffs.

  • ING Co. files public notification of layoffs.

  • Ericsson announces reductions to labor force in advance of Obamacare implementation.

  • Kroger Supermarket chain eliminates Full Time jobs and reduces hours for all employees.

  • Bristol-Myers sends lay-off notices to employees.

  • Corning Co. presents reduction in labor force plan.

  • Boston Scientific Corp announces layoffs by end of year (1200 to 1400 Employees)

  • Abbots Labs reveals plans to reduce labor operations ahead of Obamacare implementation.

  • St. Jude Hospital Corp sends announcements of labor reductions to employees ahead of holiday season. 300 layoffs

  • Caterpillar announces plant closures and permanent layoff plans.

  • Welch Allyn will lay off 275 employees over the next 3 years due to the Medical Device Tax included in Obamacare.

  • DANA Holding has announced layoffs (but not yet detailed their extent).

  • Stryker (medical device maker) has already laid off 96 employees and plans to cut their global workforce by another 5% (almost 1200 employees).

  • Medtronic already has cut 500, and plans to cut another 500 by end of 2013.

  • Smith & Nephew - 770 layoffs

  • Abbott Labs - 700 layoffs

  • Covidien - 595 layoffs

  • Kinetic Concepts - 427 layoffs

  • These are just the announcements that have been made in the 48 or so HOURS since Obama was declared the winner. Imagine what is going to happen over the next THREE MONTHS as businesses finally wake up to the actual costs about to be imposed upon them.

    Beyond the complete elimination of a significant number of American jobs is another looming problem created by the health care law - a shift from full-time to part-time workers.

    The future big hitter: Darden Restaurants (owners of Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse and more) will be limiting the hours of its employees to 28 to limit the number of "full time" staff. Darden currently offers a "limited" health care plan to its employees which will be eliminated by Obamacare. Darden employs 185,000 employees. 1/4 of them are currently full time and will have their hours slashed (that's 46,250 people folks).

    So when the Obama folks trot themselves out and say "well, NOBODY could have known it was this bad, and we're still recovering, just remember, we warned you. We begged and pleaded with you to open your eyes and see the economic damage being wrought by the Marxist and Redistributionist policies of President Obama and his Administration.

    But don't ever, EVER claim that we didn't warn you.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

We're About to Get the Government the People of Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio Deserve

"Every country has the government it deserves (Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite") - Joseph de Maistre

Well, Ohio, you're about to get the government you deserve. Don't come crying to the Federal Government when you're facing 20% unemployment because Obama closed all your coal mines and won't let you exploit your Natural Gas resource that you're sitting on top of. Cuyahoga and Franklin Counties, when the next set of riots comes because your African American population can't find jobs and are starving due to a 30+% unemployment rate (because it IS coming), you're on your own.

Pennsylvania, you're in the same boat. Montgomery, Delaware, Allegheny and Philadelphia counties, you had the opportunity to defeat a president which is costing your state TENS of THOUSANDS of jobs due to the energy resources that you are literally standing upon. President "I'm going to bankrupt coal" has destroyed your economy. When rioting comes to Philadelphia, don't look to us to save you. We're going to let the "City of Brotherly Love" burn to the ground so that you understand exactly the cost of what you voted for. Additionally, the fraud in the Philadelphia area and the uncontested voter suppression by Leftist, Marxist, and Black Power groups such as the Black Panthers show that Philadelphia deserves to become the war zone it will become when the Federal Government can no longer provide the steady drug of "safety net" payments and your people start to starve because they have no skills other than to suckle upon the government teat.

Florida, I honestly thought better of you. You would think that your Jewish population ALONE would have been sufficient to carry the state against someone who is proposing policies to make Israel so indefensible that, if implemented, it would be destroyed by the forces of darkness at its door. Fortunately currently Israel has a government sufficiently strong as to withstand those "suggestions" by the Obama Administration. You people of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, when the next hurricane comes, and there is looting and death and destruction on the streets, do not cry out to the National Guard and Federal Government to save you. Nay, since Obama has spent us into oblivion on foolish adventures in economic tinkering both large and small, we have no funds to help you. You're on your own. Similarly you Social Security retirees, when that day comes when Obama holds out his pockets and says "we have no more money to pay you for living," do not cry out for the people to support you in your infirmity, for we shall say "you had the opportunity to elect someone who would have fixed the problem, you voted against your interest and now you have to suffer the consequences."

Finally, to all you members of the 47% who voted to continue your free ride upon the few individuals of the United States who are doing the hard work to pay for the nation, know that your time is almost up. You can only take and take and take from those who are actually producing wealth for so long before they say "I'm not going to produce any more." Greece is what our future looks like, complete with riots in the streets and promises broken. You had this ONE chance, this ONE opportunity to forestall and divert us from that path. You chose to continue to eat like pigs at the trough of government largess. Those you call "the rich" will not much longer tolerate your free-ridership. They will take their wealth and instead of investing it into the creation of wealth and a better life for themselves and their children, will merely consume it themselves and say "to hell with everything, rather than have my hard work and personal property confiscated, I'm going to enjoy it myself."

So, people of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida (and Virginia too), we as a nation are all about to suffer under the government you deserve. Perhaps the pain of the next four years to come will teach you the object lesson that you so richly deserve.

Monday, 5 November 2012

CNN abandons all pretense of objectivity, blatantly campaigns for Obama

We all know that MSLSD (MSNBC) has been in the tank for Obama for over a year. Anyone who thinks MSLSD's change of slogan to "Lean Forward" was a mere coincidence with Obama's "Forward" slogan needs to have their head examined.

CNN though has been at least nominally pretending to be objective. If you know how to read between the lines, up to this point you could see an Obama tilt to their coverage; a thumb on the scale, as it were.

Apparently not anymore. CNN has abandoned all pretense of objectivity and has decided to go for broke in campaigning and fear-mongering for Obama.

Today's stories include such titles as:

  • Second Obama term would confront fiscal crisis before inauguration. This story runs with a nice looking picture of the Obama Family walking to Church smiling and happy, dressed nicely in fashionable good church clothes, and goes on to give a glowing description of Obama's plans to cover immigration reform and that Obama will take a "stand his ground" approach to negotiations with Congressional Republicans.

  • A Romney presidency: 'Bringing people together' faces reality check. This story runs with an undated photo which must easily be from the 1970s, with Romney in jean pants and a polo shirt sitting on a couch with his family and in which all the sons look to be between 10 and infant in age. The story itself goes on to discuss Romney's problems in Massachusetts coming from a business background into government, the fact that the TEA Party objects to "revenue enhancers" (aka tax increases) and makes reference to Romney's comments on the "47%" and contains a link to CNN's story "What a Mormon White House would look like."

  • If it's close, watch out This story, by the liberal Julian Zelizer from Princeton, tries to set the stage for the Democrat Party to call a Romney win illegitimate should it even be close and to give the Democrat Senate cover to try to block a Romney-Ryan agenda, He says "In today's political era, every president -- even those who enjoy landslide victories -- faces immense challenges working in the current congressional environment. Partisan polarization, interest-group politics and the 24-hour media make legislating difficult." Shortly later, saying he could be wrong and, however unlikely, we could be heading into a Dewey-Truman moment, he continues "we'll be heading toward some rough times on Capitol Hill in the years ahead."

  • Romney and America's biggest tax break CNN uses this hit piece to bring up something that they've been completely silent about in regard to the Affordable Care Act, that Romney might change the tax code to treat the self-employed the same as those employed by others: that health insurance premiums might either be taxed as income or treated as a tax credit. I have not ONCE heard CNN do a reporting piece on the fact that Obamacare taxes "premium healthcare plans" as income. And yet, they pull out this 'hit-piece' the day before the election on ROMNEY.

  • Election 2012: What about the poor? Ahh, the ever-popular poor. This 'hit-piece' starts with this wonderful gem: "One wants to strengthen the nation's existing safety net. The other wants to overhaul it." We all know which way this one is going to go. At least the author does manage to list the Obama Administration's many, many failures in regard to there being many more poor, but it hints that it is not Obama's fault, but the fault of the "Great Recession" he inherited. Again, CNN brings up Romney's recorded comment about the 47% (although nowhere does it mention that the recording was DOCTORED by the recorder, losing at least 2 minutes of IMPORTANT CONTEXT to the comment. CNN also makes the "Block Grant" fear mongering argument on behalf of the Liberals.

But here's the final nail in CNN's coffin. They ran their most recent poll of how they think people are going to vote, and found that the race was tied at 49%, conducted Nov. 2 through Nov. 4. It's a small poll, and it's margin of error is +/-3.5% That seems reasonable, if a slightly large error rate, until you look at the fundamentals of that poll. Among those 693 likely voters 41% describe themselves as Democrats, 29% describe themselves as Independent and 30% describe themselves as Republican. In short, this means that CNN/ORC OVERSAMPLED Democrats by 11% just to get to a TIE. In the 2008 election, which was considered "historic" because of Democrat turnout, the differential was only D+7%.

CNN does get one story right though. Still 'paranoid' after all these years. That story starts off with this paragraph: "Ever have the feeling you're being lied to by the news media, the authorities, the corporate world?"

Well CNN, we might not have that feeling quite so much if you and your cronies in the Main Stream Moron Press actually went back to the providing of the news in the noble tradition of journalist newsmen where they reported the facts in an unbiased manner. It's too bad the Liberal ideology of the owners and 'newsmen' and 'newswomen' of today won't let them do that, because it has been the death of the once proud profession of journalism.