Tuesday, 11 December 2012

What's wrong with these pictures?

Let's play a version of "Where's Waldo." What's wrong with the following two pictures?

Can't figure it out? This was at the protest of the "Right To Work" legislation that was just passed by the Michigan Legislature and is about to be signed by Gov. Snyder. Look at the upper left hand corner. Somebody's holding a sign that reads "I support Planned Parenthood. Keep abortion legal." I think somebody was at the wrong protest. Either that, or the protesters hired some uneducated sap to carry a protest sign and they handed out the wrong one, which has happened before at some of these "Labor" movement protests. These Union Bosses REALLY need to get higher standards for the day laborers who they hire to work these protests.

What's wrong with this picture, you might ask? Look VERY carefully at the top sticker in the center on this guy's helmet. He's protesting IN THE WRONG STATE. He belongs to Iron Workers Local 147 from FORT WAYNE INDIANA. Now it's one thing if the Union Thugs decide to bus in Union Thug members from around Michigan. But it REALLY says something when you're in a state where 17.5% of the population is unionized that you have to swell your ranks by busing in Union Thugs from OTHER states just to make your protest look bigger.

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