Friday, 9 November 2012

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

Here come those layoffs that the Liberals voted for Tuesday night by re-electing Obama.

Don't EVER say that it was unexpected or that you didn't know. We Conservatives have been telling anyone who would listen, and often nearly empty rooms if few people showed up that these employment losses were coming due to Obama Policies. So if you're an employee of one of the companies listed below and you're laid off, thank a Liberal, because they're the ones who cost you your job.

  • UBS Bank announces it will lay off 10,000 employees.

  • Hawker Beechcraft Inc. will close it's private jet plant and lay off 280 employees in Arkansas and close facilities in Mesa, AZ., and San Antonio.

  • Boeing is laying off 30% of its management, closing facilities in California and consolidating other facilities in order to "cut costs."

  • Westinghouse announces massive layoffs.

  • Research In Motion announces US layoffs and moves operations to Canada.

  • US Cellular announces urgent reduction in employee ahead of end of quarter close.

  • Commerzbank lays off employees and closes operations.

  • Iberia Co announces layoffs.

  • ING Co. files public notification of layoffs.

  • Ericsson announces reductions to labor force in advance of Obamacare implementation.

  • Kroger Supermarket chain eliminates Full Time jobs and reduces hours for all employees.

  • Bristol-Myers sends lay-off notices to employees.

  • Corning Co. presents reduction in labor force plan.

  • Boston Scientific Corp announces layoffs by end of year (1200 to 1400 Employees)

  • Abbots Labs reveals plans to reduce labor operations ahead of Obamacare implementation.

  • St. Jude Hospital Corp sends announcements of labor reductions to employees ahead of holiday season. 300 layoffs

  • Caterpillar announces plant closures and permanent layoff plans.

  • Welch Allyn will lay off 275 employees over the next 3 years due to the Medical Device Tax included in Obamacare.

  • DANA Holding has announced layoffs (but not yet detailed their extent).

  • Stryker (medical device maker) has already laid off 96 employees and plans to cut their global workforce by another 5% (almost 1200 employees).

  • Medtronic already has cut 500, and plans to cut another 500 by end of 2013.

  • Smith & Nephew - 770 layoffs

  • Abbott Labs - 700 layoffs

  • Covidien - 595 layoffs

  • Kinetic Concepts - 427 layoffs

  • These are just the announcements that have been made in the 48 or so HOURS since Obama was declared the winner. Imagine what is going to happen over the next THREE MONTHS as businesses finally wake up to the actual costs about to be imposed upon them.

    Beyond the complete elimination of a significant number of American jobs is another looming problem created by the health care law - a shift from full-time to part-time workers.

    The future big hitter: Darden Restaurants (owners of Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse and more) will be limiting the hours of its employees to 28 to limit the number of "full time" staff. Darden currently offers a "limited" health care plan to its employees which will be eliminated by Obamacare. Darden employs 185,000 employees. 1/4 of them are currently full time and will have their hours slashed (that's 46,250 people folks).

    So when the Obama folks trot themselves out and say "well, NOBODY could have known it was this bad, and we're still recovering, just remember, we warned you. We begged and pleaded with you to open your eyes and see the economic damage being wrought by the Marxist and Redistributionist policies of President Obama and his Administration.

    But don't ever, EVER claim that we didn't warn you.

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