Monday, 5 November 2012

CNN abandons all pretense of objectivity, blatantly campaigns for Obama

We all know that MSLSD (MSNBC) has been in the tank for Obama for over a year. Anyone who thinks MSLSD's change of slogan to "Lean Forward" was a mere coincidence with Obama's "Forward" slogan needs to have their head examined.

CNN though has been at least nominally pretending to be objective. If you know how to read between the lines, up to this point you could see an Obama tilt to their coverage; a thumb on the scale, as it were.

Apparently not anymore. CNN has abandoned all pretense of objectivity and has decided to go for broke in campaigning and fear-mongering for Obama.

Today's stories include such titles as:

  • Second Obama term would confront fiscal crisis before inauguration. This story runs with a nice looking picture of the Obama Family walking to Church smiling and happy, dressed nicely in fashionable good church clothes, and goes on to give a glowing description of Obama's plans to cover immigration reform and that Obama will take a "stand his ground" approach to negotiations with Congressional Republicans.

  • A Romney presidency: 'Bringing people together' faces reality check. This story runs with an undated photo which must easily be from the 1970s, with Romney in jean pants and a polo shirt sitting on a couch with his family and in which all the sons look to be between 10 and infant in age. The story itself goes on to discuss Romney's problems in Massachusetts coming from a business background into government, the fact that the TEA Party objects to "revenue enhancers" (aka tax increases) and makes reference to Romney's comments on the "47%" and contains a link to CNN's story "What a Mormon White House would look like."

  • If it's close, watch out This story, by the liberal Julian Zelizer from Princeton, tries to set the stage for the Democrat Party to call a Romney win illegitimate should it even be close and to give the Democrat Senate cover to try to block a Romney-Ryan agenda, He says "In today's political era, every president -- even those who enjoy landslide victories -- faces immense challenges working in the current congressional environment. Partisan polarization, interest-group politics and the 24-hour media make legislating difficult." Shortly later, saying he could be wrong and, however unlikely, we could be heading into a Dewey-Truman moment, he continues "we'll be heading toward some rough times on Capitol Hill in the years ahead."

  • Romney and America's biggest tax break CNN uses this hit piece to bring up something that they've been completely silent about in regard to the Affordable Care Act, that Romney might change the tax code to treat the self-employed the same as those employed by others: that health insurance premiums might either be taxed as income or treated as a tax credit. I have not ONCE heard CNN do a reporting piece on the fact that Obamacare taxes "premium healthcare plans" as income. And yet, they pull out this 'hit-piece' the day before the election on ROMNEY.

  • Election 2012: What about the poor? Ahh, the ever-popular poor. This 'hit-piece' starts with this wonderful gem: "One wants to strengthen the nation's existing safety net. The other wants to overhaul it." We all know which way this one is going to go. At least the author does manage to list the Obama Administration's many, many failures in regard to there being many more poor, but it hints that it is not Obama's fault, but the fault of the "Great Recession" he inherited. Again, CNN brings up Romney's recorded comment about the 47% (although nowhere does it mention that the recording was DOCTORED by the recorder, losing at least 2 minutes of IMPORTANT CONTEXT to the comment. CNN also makes the "Block Grant" fear mongering argument on behalf of the Liberals.

But here's the final nail in CNN's coffin. They ran their most recent poll of how they think people are going to vote, and found that the race was tied at 49%, conducted Nov. 2 through Nov. 4. It's a small poll, and it's margin of error is +/-3.5% That seems reasonable, if a slightly large error rate, until you look at the fundamentals of that poll. Among those 693 likely voters 41% describe themselves as Democrats, 29% describe themselves as Independent and 30% describe themselves as Republican. In short, this means that CNN/ORC OVERSAMPLED Democrats by 11% just to get to a TIE. In the 2008 election, which was considered "historic" because of Democrat turnout, the differential was only D+7%.

CNN does get one story right though. Still 'paranoid' after all these years. That story starts off with this paragraph: "Ever have the feeling you're being lied to by the news media, the authorities, the corporate world?"

Well CNN, we might not have that feeling quite so much if you and your cronies in the Main Stream Moron Press actually went back to the providing of the news in the noble tradition of journalist newsmen where they reported the facts in an unbiased manner. It's too bad the Liberal ideology of the owners and 'newsmen' and 'newswomen' of today won't let them do that, because it has been the death of the once proud profession of journalism.

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